Welcome to the website of the National Designers of Jersey & Manufacture Company!!!

This is fake company XD ()

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02/01/2021 8:35a EST: We have acquired a new (fake) company, National Company For Paddling Products!!! Visit them at: http://ncfpp.com/

01/31/2021 3:13p EST: We decided to hide our addessses (they are not mailable anyways) starting today.

11/08/2020 4:42a EDT: We'll re-open our NY location at: (hidden), NY 10015.

8/13/2020 8:51a EDT: We had just moved to the new address on yesterday.

8/07/2020 9:42p EDT: We can now move in 2 days more early! Now the date is Aug 12th.

8/03/2020 11:37p EDT: Our address move would complete 3 days earlier than previously expected (8/17/2020).

4/20/2020 12:00a EDT: Our UK Branch have been closed on Apr 20, 2020.

Our contact info (the email and phone numbers are real, though):

Email: info at ndjmc dot com

Do NOT send any email to [email protected]

Phone: (313) 426-2222

NY Phone: (212) 969-8908

Cell 1: (313) 306-3880

Cell 2 (old): 1-332-333-1198

Address (not for mailing or visiting): (hidden), Detroit, MI 48227

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